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Our Power is Making Clients Prosper

Technology is just how we do it. We're on a path to help our clients be better at what they do while truly enjoying what they do.

How Global K Solutions Began

Global K Solutions began 18 years ago when our Founder, Kimberley Schendel, began offering web development services for a variety of clients. Soon enough, what started as a one-woman show blossomed into a dedicated team of coders and developers. How did Kimberley get there? By scaling productivity. Staying focused on clients. Always innovating. And never refusing a new challenge.

About Global K Solutions

Together, as Global K Solutions, we’re passionate about using technology to empower our clients and bring them one step closer to their dreams. Driven by challenges, and powered by shared values, our team of innovators will go above and beyond to create intuitive interfaces, lightning-fast applications, and efficient process – all to simplify workflows and improve customer experiences. We’ll create solutions that engage your customers and generate impressive results for your business with the long term in mind.

Integrity, Transformation, Partnership

Our team is on a mission to help people be more productive and joyous in their lives and their work. We’re driven by integrity, transformation, and partnership – because it’s not enough to just do the job and go home. It’s about recognizing honest work, creating positive impact, and nurturing long-term relationships. Without our values informing each of our actions and decisions, we could never help our clients grow their vision.

The Global K Approach

Our motto is “No challenge is too big.” After all, solving complex problems with simple solutions is what motivates us. We try to figure out what that solution might be by taking a comprehensive look at your systems and fully understanding your workflow. That way, we can see what you’re doing, where you’re headed, and where else you can go. If we spot a better way for you to grow, we’ll be the first to let you know.

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